Before and After Pictures of Living Room
and Original Windows

Old Window Frame Restored Window

Hidden behind a false wall were two of the original 1850's windows, covered with plywood and vinyl siding on the outside and covered with painted panelling on the inside. The frames and trim were painted "Pepto-Bismol" pink and were in bad shape.

The openings were cut back out (see below for outside views) and new, vinyl clad, double-hung sliders installed. Trim "borrowed" from other parts of the house were used for repairs, and hand sanding and quality paint finished the restoration. Notice the refinished floor, too!

Old Window Frames Restored Windows

Another view of the discovered windows with the studwork from the false wall removed. The tile ceiling has been torn down and the plaster and lath removed. There was no insulation in the wall so fiberglass was added and the wiring moved. Heavy plastic sheeting is added after as a vapor barrier before sheet rock is put up.

A smaller view of the completed restoration just before furniture is moved back in. After 6 weeks of doubling up in the dining room, it was a relief.

Old Window Frames Restored Windows

Here's a larger view of the discovered windows with the studwork from the false wall still in place. Note the missing trim work at the top.

To complete the restoration, plaster and lath was removed, fiberglass insulation added (after rodent nests were cleaned out!) and wall board installed. Woodwork was sanded, repaired and painted.

Outside View New Windows

Before the windows were discovered, this was a the dark side of the house, facing North. Vinyl siding completely hid the original windows.

Drilling a guide hole in each corner of the opening from the inside and snapping a chalk line allowed me to cut out the windows from outside and build new stops, sills, etc. We will never know what the original exterior trim looked like.

Re-finished Floor Re-finished Floor

We couldn't do the walls and windows without redoing the floor. After pulling up several layers of carpet, we found a floor covered with gouges, paint, varnish, wax and even a tin patch. Using a rented floor sander and dozens of pads, we took it down to the original wood and applied six coats of water-based polyurethane.

Because the original baseboards between the windows were so nice, we decided to duplicate them around the whole room to try to replicate the original look of the room. Using stock wood trimmed down for much of it, the scroll work was matched with an inverted chair rail after lots of shopping around!