Before and After Pictures of West Wall
(front of house)

West Wall Opened West Wall Sheathed

This 16 foot wide front wall (facing the road) will be the main cabinet and counter wall of the new kitchen. It originally had a door and two windows, but because of the front porch, not much light entered. During demolition it was decided to remove the whole wall since it had suffered so many alterations over the years. Some of the studwork was held in place with bailing wire. Starting over was simpler.

Here the new wall is sheathed with plywood outside (which also has vinyl siding on) and has new windows installed. It's ready for wiring and insulation for the refrigerator which will stand centered where the outside door once was.

West Wall Happy Customer

An electrical sub-panel in the right corner contains breakers for all the outlets, the stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and garbage disposal. Everything is ready for us to install the cabinets and finish the kitchen area. A half wall running down the center for the sink side separates the dining area in the bay on the east wall from the kitchen area.

The west wall of the kitchen about a year later! The halfwall in the foreground hides the dishwasher, sink, bread drawers and clutter from the dining area.

James Helps Northwest Corner

On the north wall of the kitchen James helps install the wall cabinets. In the center of this "U" shaped area will be the stove with the refrigerator on the wall to the left and the sink on the peninsula to the right.

A closeup of the Northwest corner of the kitchen later. The countertop was made with almost 2,000 one-inch square cobalt blue ceramic tiles, and hard-wired under-cabinet lights give work areas plenty of brightness.