Pictures of New Bathroom Sink

New Sink New Sink

This is the northeast corner viewed from the center of the bathroom during demolition. We discovered that there was no insulation in the east wall of the bathroom at all.

The same view after the sink was finished. The wall is insulated, re-sheetrocked, and wainscoting added to a height of four feet.

New Sink New Sink

Because of the size of the sillbeam, the damage to it, and the method of repair, there was no room for the sink plumbing in the outside (north) wall. Instead, the plumbing came up through the tub partition and then wrapped around the corner into the half wall brought out even with the original corner post.

The resulting space for the sink between the end of the tub and the east wall was a perfect fit. The partition not only held the plumbing for the sink, but was used to add an exhaust fan which vented straight out the north wall.