The Front Porch, 2008--2010

Old Porch New Porch

This is the original porch as it looked from about 2005 to 2008. The roof was rotting out and leaking, and the post sagging. The roof was pulling away from the house and water ran down into the deeper recess during storms.

Here's the finished porch after pulling down the entire old porch. Work on such a simple project spanned two summers because of a broken hand!

Before Project After Renovation

While we used this porch a lot, it didn't have much charm and the chickens would walk all over it and leave "things". Bugs, of course, were constant and we rarely used it in the evenings.

A view of the finished project. A half wall on the bottom and screen on top keeps out the bugs. The old roof sheathing has been reused as wainscoating, cedar shingles were used above that, and "vintage" tin signs used as decorations. Wicker furniture and an all-season mat add to the finish.

Porch Before Inside After

The approach to the front door lacked any appeal. With a wide open porch and the door far to the left, there was no real "entrance" to the house.

With the porch enclosed, a nice seating area is entered first, and the placement of the screen door suggests a choice between enjoying the wicker furniture or going into the house.

Porch Removed Finished Porch

The process was to erase the old and create the new. I actually wanted to recreate the old, so I copied the original footprint and reused as much of the old as possible. The concrete pad that creates the floor still has the date imprint "49".

Finally finished. I later added a rain gutter and downspout since I eliminated the original peak over the entrance and realized why it was there during our first big rain.