The Upper Landing, 2006

Old Landing New Landing

This is the upper end of the stairs before we did any work. There was no real demolition to do, just stripping old wallpaper and patching some holes. New sheetrock was put in at the top of the stairs when the entryway was done earlier

After several hours of scraping and patching, the walls were painted with the same paint as in the lower entry, and the woodwork was replaced around the one door and all was painted again.

Window Before Window After

Here's the old landing over the front door. This space is our computer center, and it all needed work. After removing the wallpaper and repainting, the plain floor will be carpeted.

A view of the finished project. The floor will be carpeted and eventually, a new upper railing system will be installed. No decision on whether to match the flat ballisters like in the entryway, or make a solid half-wall. A new light fixture will also be chosen later.