Before and After Pictures of East Wall
(back of house)

Original Porch Demolition

This large, extended porch probably dated from the late 1800's and was constructed with 12 x12 hewn beams, pegged with locust pegs. The frame was very dry-rotted, but we have been told this space was used as a tractor shed in the winter, a place to butcher deer, pigs and cows, and storage for just about everything else.

Here the roof is partially removed from the extended porch/shed in order to put the new roof on the dining-area bay. Everything had to be done in stages because of time contraints since most of the work was done on evenings and weekends.

Almost Done House 2004

The tin roof was pulled down after the new east wall was nearly complete. The whole east wall was then stripped of its old wooden clapboards and re-sheathed with plywood. A window was added to the left side of the bay to balance the appearance and add light to the small room inside. The bay took up the four feet of the upper (true) porch and added an additional four feet for the dining area inside.

Vinyl siding was found that matched the rest of the house, and the concrete floor of the old extended porch is left in place for a patio. Notice the upper tin roof has been replaced with sheathing and shingles and a venting skylight installed.

Original East Wall New Floor

The East wall of the future kitchen from the inside. There were no windows and the room was one of the darkest ones in the house. The door opened up to a small, four-by-eight foot porch which was fairly well hidden under the attached "tractor shed" pictured above.

This is the same wall from the outside, under the shed roof. Some of framing for the bay walls are already in place and the upper porch floor is in place. The painted area to the right was once a bathroom where one had to actually exit the house onto the porch to get to. Next to the back door on the old siding was a signature in chalk of Nelson Howard Genung who was born in the house in 1869 and lived there until 1908.

Bay Floor East Wall Framed

The bay extension is framed out with 2x6's which are notched into the logs that formed the original floor joists of the upper porch and floor of the house. The shed roof is still on here to protect the project from the elements and the old backporch bathroom drain is visible.

Once the walls of the bay were up, and windows installed, the rest of the extended shed/porch was demolished and the new bay roofed. By utilizing the old porch and adding the bay, the new kitchen added 112 square feet of dining area.

Bay Sheetrocked Bay Finished

With the insulation in, wiring completed for the new dining room light and two outside lights, the sheetrock is in place and ready for paint and paper.

The final look of the bay dining area as viewed from the half-wall that separates it from the kitchen. Note the outside view! We now eat breakfast with the sun streaming in, and dinner with the deer grazing in the fields!