Before and After Pictures of
Downstairs Bathroom

Southeast Corner
Original Northeast Corner Final Sink

The southheast corner of the bathroom had a built-in cabinet about 20 inches square. Here's the bathroom just after having removed the cabinet. The cabinet was built to hide plumbing for a washer machine hook-up that we never used. This is the corner where our new sink will go.

The same southheast corner afterwards. The sink has been made using an old dresser and cast iron water pump, with the basin built into the dresser top. Faucets take the place of the dresser knobs and the lower two drawers still work. Wiring and plumbing all had to be moved to this side of the room. For other views click here.

Northeast Corner
northeast corner northeast corner

This was the original northeast corner with the tub oriented along the north wall. At the space at the foot of the tub was a tall cabinet about a foot wide (and 2 feet deep) that hid the corner post of the room as well as a serious leak that had run down the post from the roof through the second floor.

Here's the same corner after the room was gutted. Years earlier when this space was part of the kitchen, the sink apparently stood here, and apparently leaked for some time. The north sill beam (along the floor) was rotted out in places and a pressure-treated two by six (visible in the picture) was added along the studs to stabilize the wall. The tub will be reinstalled along the north wall later.

northeast corner northeast corner

With the new floor joists in, and concrete board down, the shower is roughed in using the original plumbing transplanted from the west wall to the north wall. At the foot of the tub will be the divider that separates the new sink area.

With the original tub re-installed and a new shower surround in place, the room is finished with wainscoting and paint and ceramic tiles on the floor. A linen closet lines the west, inside wall.

Northhwest Corner
Original Shower Shower removed

Here's the northwest corner showing the alignment of the original bathtub along the north wall. With the head of the tub at the "low end" of the room, the tub was not level and water leakage was an ongoing problem.

After the tub and wallboard was removed, most of the plumbing was relocated to the northwest corner as the tub was to be turned 180 degrees. The new toilet will stand in this corner.

No Toilet New Toilet

This is what the area looked like after removing the tub, toilet and rotten floor boards. New floor joists will be necessary because of rot and leveling.

The new toilet was necessary after damaging the old one during removal. It is basically located only 2 feet further west along the same wall, taking the place of the drain-end of the old bathtub location.