Welcome to Our Home!
Documenting the Restoration and Upgrading of our 1840's Farmhouse.

Our Home
The House, with various family, Fall 2001.
Our Home
The House, viewed from the next road at the edge of the original farm.
Check out this satellite view of the house!

The Front Porch Project, 2008-2010
Porch roof

Talk about curb appeal. I have had more comments and compliments about the front porch than any other project. My son William is responsible for a lot of this as I had a broken hand during most of this reconstruction project. Click here for the before and after pictures of the front porch project.

The Kitchen Project, 2002.
Dining Area

In the Spring of 2002, our former home sold, allowing us funds to begin the work on our "new" home. Built most likely in the 1840's or 1850's in the "diluted" Greek Revival style, the house was framed in a post and beam manner with hand-hewn 12 by 12 chestnut beams, visible as dressed corners in most rooms. The earliest document filed in the County Courthouse mentioning the house is a hand-written deed signed by Amasa Genung in 1865. (Amasa owned the property until his death in 1908.) The house had a southern addition, probably a summer kitchen, added about 1870. It was here, in the addition, where we decided to locate the new kitchen and dining area. For the before and after pictures of the dining area project, click here.
For the before and after pictures of the kitchen area project, click here.

The Entryway Project, 2003.
New Front Hall

The original bannister was a large, round classical affair which was used as firewood by tennants who were attempting to buy the house on a land contract during the 1980's. As the first impression of the home, the entrance needed some TLC as well as leveling and insulation in places. The stairs were so cracked and broken that most of them had been patched by having rough-sawn boards nailed over them and painted. New oak stair treads, new tiles and new sheetrock made a world of difference.
To see before and after pictures, click here.

The Livingroom Project, 2004.
Livingroom Floor

During the years from 1930 to 1989, the Elias owned the farm, selling off most of the 200 acres in 1970. Around that time the family remodeled the livingroom. The two north windows facing the barn were hidden by a false wall, and the two front (west) windows were replaced with a massive picture window. The room was finished with an acoustic tile ceiling, sheet paneling, and carpet. In 1970 that may have looked very modern, but by 2004, three decades had made it badly outdated and it needed help. Returning some authenticity of the original house was the choice once we discovered some of the original elements during renovations.
To see before and after pictures of the living room, click here.

The Bathroom Project, 2005.
New Bathroom

Since the original house did not have an "indoor" bathroom during its first 140 years, one was made using the last 8 feet of the long kitchen when the property was converted for rentals in the late 1980's. Located in the north-east corner of the original house, it was simple and functional and a vast improvemnt over the "back porch" bathroom of earlier years. Although attached (by being built on the back porch) the "original" bathroom was only a toilet and probably a sink, and was accessed by exiting the house itself. It probably dated from the 1940's or 1950's. The new "indoor" bathroom, after twenty years of tenant use, needed some up-dating and leakage had caused bad floor rot.
To see before and after pictures of the bathroom project, click here.

The Landing Project, 2006.
Old Landing

There were really two projects in 2006. This old upper landing, and extension of the entryway, was finally tackled, and one of the small bedrooms downstairs was re-sheetrocked and carpeted. No major renovations, but some major cosmetic changes!
To see before and after pictures of the landing project, click here.